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  • Eternal Ecstasy
    Eternal Ecstasy

    Quotes from Chapter 8 In the presence of the Lord, everyone trembles. Then Abram fell facedown and God spoke with him. Genesis 17:3 When the flame went up from the altar to the sky, the angel of the Lord went up in its flame. When Manoah and his wife saw this, they fell facedown on…

  • The Awesome Church
    The Awesome Church

    Quotes from Chapter 7 What things do you fear? Our fears are highly revealing. What you fear shows what you really love. Some of our fears are healthy, some are overblown, and some betray deeper sicknesses in our character. What do your fears say about you and your priorities, about what you treasure? What do…

  • Overwhelmed by the Father
    Overwhelmed by the Father

    Quotes from Chapter 5 The Father Revealed in the Son The right way to think about God is not to think of him primarily as Creator (naming him “from His works only”). For if God’s essential identity is to be the Creator, the ruler, then he needs a creation to rule in order to be…

  • How to Grow in This Fear
    How to Grow in This Fear

    Quotes from Chapter 6 The fear of God is not a state of mind you can guarantee with five easy steps. The fear of the Lord is wisdom. He said to mankind,“The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom.and to turn from evil is understanding.” Job 28:28 Gold cannot be exchanged for it,and silver cannot be…

  • Submergé par le Créateur
    Submergé par le Créateur

    Citations du Chapitre 4 Il y a différentes sortes de craintes : certaines sont bonnes et appréciables, d’autres sont mauvaises et terrifiantes. Il y a une juste crainte de Dieu et une crainte pécheresse de Dieu. Il y a encore plus de sortes de craintes : différentes sortes de crainte de Dieu qui sont justes.…

  • Overwhelmed by the Creator
    Overwhelmed by the Creator

    Quotes from Chapter 4 There are different sorts of fear: some good and enjoyable, some bad and terrifying; there is a right fear of God, and there is a sinful fear of God. There are even more sorts of fear: different sorts of right fear of God. John Calvin said there are two steps or…

  • La crainte juste
    La crainte juste

    Citations du chapitre 3 La crainte juste de Dieu est une bénédiction de la nouvelle alliance. Ils seront mon peuple,Et je serai leur Dieu.Je leur donnerai un même cœurEt une même conduite,Afin qu’ils me craignent toujours,Pour leur bonheur et celui de leurs fils après eux.Je conclurai avec eux une alliance éternelle,Je ne me détournerai plus…

  • Right Fear
    Right Fear

    Quotes from Chapter 3 The right fear of God is a blessing of the new covenant. They will be my people, and I will be their God. I will give them integrity of heart and action so that they will fear me always, for their good and for the good of their descendants after them.I…

  • Sinful Fear
    Sinful Fear

    Quotes from Chapter 2 We fear when we encounter something we cannot control. We fear when we face the prospect of either losing something we love or experiencing something bad. We even fear when we face the prospect of gaining something wonderful, when that thing seems too impossibly wonderful for us. Fear issues forth from…

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